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Bottled Beer & Ciders

all bottled beer _8.5

Alexander Keith’s English IPA

Canada, 5.0%

Kronenbourg 1664

Blanc Witbier, France, 5.0%

San Miguel German Pilsner

Philippines, 5.0%

Angry Orchard Cider

USA, 5.0% – Gluten Free

Crabbies Ginger Beer

UK, 4.8%

Great Western Original 16

American Pale Ale, Saskatoon, Canada, 5.0%

Stella Artois

Euro Pale Lager, Belgium, 5.0%


German Pilsner, Austria, 4.9%

Steigl Radler Grapefruit

Austria, 2.5%

Negra Modelo

Vienna Lager, Mexico, 5.4%

Muskoka Brewery Mad Tom

American Style IPA, Ontario, Canada, 6.4%

Mill St. Organic Lager

German Pilsner, Ontario, Canada, 4.2%

Corona Extra

American Lager, Mexico, 4.6%


Euro Pale Lager, Italy, 4.6%

St Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

Quebec, Canada, 5.0%

New Belgium Fat Tire

Amber Ale, USA, 5.2%

Kirin Ichiban

American Pale Lager, Japan, 5.0%

Guinness Draught

Irish Dry Stout, Ireland, 4.2%

Estrella Daura

Euro Pale Lager, Spain, 5.4% – Gluten Free

Red Stripe

American Lager, Jamaica, 4.7%

Beer & Ciders On Tap

all tap beer _7

Big Rock Traditional

English Brown Ale, Calgary, Canada, 5.0%

Big Rock Grasshopper Wheat Ale

Kristalweizen, Calgary, Canada, 5.0%


Classic Cocktails

Old Fashioned

Buffalo Trace bourbon, Angostura bitters, brown sugar (cube) _11


Crown Royal, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters _11


Tanqueray gin, Campari, sweet vermouth _12

Bacardi Fizz

Bacardi White rum, cream, Chartreuse, fresh squeezed lemon juice, fresh squeezed lime juice, egg white, soda, simple syrup _11


Black Buffalo

Buffalo Trace bourbon, Galliano, fresh squeezed lime juice, blackberries, basil, simple syrup _12

Blackberry Bourbon Sour

Bourbon , egg white, Angostura bitters, blackberries, simple syrup _12

Cucumber Fizz

Diced cucumber, gin, St. Germaine, lemon, honey, soda _9

Sunrise Shipwreck

Kraken rum, Galliano, fresh squeezed orange juice, soda, simple syrup _12

Litchi Love

Litchi, vodka, grapefruit juice, brown sugar (rimmer), lime leaf _10

Maple Bourbon Smash

Maple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice, Angostura bitters, bourbon _12

Clover Club

Gin, fresh squeezed lemon juice, raspberry syrup, egg white _12

Featured Cocktails

4AM Phone Call

Galliano, Campari, Sweet vermouth, Bourbon, plum bitters

Grandma’s Medicine

Bourbon , elder-flower liquor, lemon juice, simple syrup, blackberry syrup

Chinatown Dreams

Honey citron tea, Tequila, Triple Sec


Absinthe rinse, sugar cube, whisky, Angostura

Abigail’s Apple

Jameson, Disaronma, OJ, Cider

Sweet Nothings

St. Germain, Gin, plum bitters, muddled grapes, brown sugar rim





Sweden _6

Tito’s Handmade

Austin, Texas _6

Made from yellow corn

Van Gogh Espresso

Netherlands _8


Bacardi White

Bermuda _6

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced

USA _6

Kraken Black Spiced

Trinidad and Tobago _7.5


Crown Royal

Lake Winnipeg, Canada _6

Jamesons Irish

Cork, Ireland _6.5

Jack Daniels

Lynchburg, Tennessee _6.5

Jack Daniels Honey Tap 357 Maple

Quebec, Canada _7



Scotland _7


Girvan, Scotland _8



Mexico _7.5


Glenfiddich 12 Year

Dufftown, Scotland _8


Buffalo Trace

Kentucky, USA _8

Woodford Reserve

Kentucky, USA _8

Red Stag Cherry

Kentucky, USA _7

Wild Turkey

Kentucky, USA _7

Red Wines

all red wines:

_10 by the glass

_45 for a bottle

Big House Red

Monterey County, California 13.0% (2012)


Red Rooster Merlot

Okanagan Valley, BC. 13.5% (2011)


Dreaming Tree Crush

California, USA 13.5% (2012)


Primal Roots Red Blend

California, USA 13.5% (2011)


Cono Sur Pinot Noir

Chile 14.0% (2011-2012)


White Wines

all white wines:

_10 by the glass

_45 for a bottle

Sumac Ridge Gewurztraminer

Okanagan Valley, BC. 13.0% (2013)


Pelee Island Gewurztraminer

Kingsville, Ont. 12.5% (2012)


Deinhard Piesporter Riesling

Mosel, Germany 9.5% (2012)


Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand 12.5% (2012)


Featured Wines

Carmen Cab Sav Chile

80 for a bottle

17 by the glass


Masi Modello Ros Venez

56 for a bottle

12 by the glass


2 Oceans Sav Blanc

44 for a bottle

10 by the glass

The Show Cab Sav Calif

80 for a bottle

17 by the glass


Kim Crawford Pinot Noir NZ

80 for  a bottle

15 by the glass


Epic A Malbec Argentina

60 for a bottle

13 by the glass


Alamos Malbec Argentina

56 for a bottle

12 by the glass



Port Warre’s Warrior Reserve

2oz _9



St .Remy Authentic French

2oz _10



10oz _9.5